In-home Tutoring Services

Whether you're learning a new language or finessing a specific academic skill, we can help you!

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Educational Products

Your child can learn sight words in no time! Check out our workbook "Learn the First 50 Sight Words" and download now.

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Location & hours

By providing individualized, hands-on learning you will have a stimulating educational environment that will allow you to grow and achieve your goals. We are willing to travel to you to be a part of your learning experience.

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Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and assessment to assess strengths, needs, and set goals. Based on the information we will find the best fit tutor for your child.

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What We Teach


We are naturally curious about the world around us. Science gives us the opportunity to explore and create experiments that help us understand the world around us.

Test Prep for K-6

From our high-achievers to students who need an extra boost, we can help your child succeed in achieving better test scores.


Research shows the plethora of benefits of learning another language. We provide learning opportunities that will help you acquire a foreign language.


We provide hands-on mathematical real-world experiences that teach students different ways of learning the skills of math in a fun way.


We provide exposure to oral and written language through a comprehensive Early Literacy program individualized to the student. We provide all the hands-on material that is highly engaging.


We can help teach your child the four main types of writing: expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive. We also help your child become an early writer by teaching handwriting, letter writing and writing name.

Homework Assistance

We assist with homework and reviewing concepts with which the student is struggling.


Monica Zepeda
Private Instructor
Katia Galvan
Spanish Instructor
Constance Graves
Private Instructor

We are caring minds that specialize in promoting higher achievement for students in early childhood-6th grade education, using differentiated instruction and hands-on learning.