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3 Ways Your Child Can Retell You A Story

There are many ways to retell a story but here are a few ways you can have your child retell you their favorite story.

Share The Story

Pick up your child’s favorite book, read the book to them out loud, and when your done reading, have your child retell you the story in their own words. This is a fun way to spend some quality time together while building their comprehension.

Draw A Sequential Picture of the Story

Draw out 5 boxes and write above each box the following: Who, What, Where, When, and How. Ask your child a question starting with each one of the words and have them draw out their response in each box. For example, the first question would be, “Who were the characters in the story?” Have your child draw out all the characters int he story in the box.

Do A Picture Walk

Picture walk sounds foreign but it just means talking about the pictures. So how to do it, start by picking a book your child hasn’t seen before. For you non-readers have them take a look and let them talk about each of the pictures as you turn the pages ask them what they think the characters are doing now, then wait for their glorious responses. For you readers give them a glimpse of a few pages in the beginning, middle, and end then let them verbalize the pictures and guess what is happening.

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